Saturday, October 24, 2009

Love At First Sight

I know you’ll be there
Never away or far
I know we’ll be closer
Wherever we are

I wish you could hear
All the truth behind my lies
I wish you would hear
All that’s said by hows and whys.

I wish you would see
All that I want you to
I wish you would know
How much I really think of you

I see it in your eyes
When I feel your brownish skin
I see it when I touch you
And hold you in the din

I see it when I see you
And all that’s there too see
I know I’m myself with you
I know I can be

I just wish, you go away
Before I throw you out
I mean you well, you silly potato
So you had a doubt?

Dedicated to :
The potato.
Yeah, The aloo.
Say that again- The aloo.

Isn't it amazing how names can be so helplessly descriptive. If Shakespeare asked me what was in a name I would almost certainly give the aloo in my defence. The name itself is so slugglishly indolent, I can almost see it exude sloppiness. Surprisingly descriptive of the personality of this fruit.
I mean really, it is by far the most deformed mass of fat ever.
Think about it, it’s ugly to say the very least. Like those rude overgrown kids, in the theatre. The ones who block your view, block your sound, eat like pigs, wear free size clothing and simply refuse to shut up.
And it’s not even soft. I mean fruits are meant to be nice. Fruits are supposed to be nice. They are just born that way. Hardly a fruit, its like a rock tha you need to wrestle with or fool into a heat shock just to remove the outer skin.
More like the fruit of all the sins.

Rather, it’s not a fruit. It’s like an aberration, a social evil. Just that we got no revolutionaries. They seem to hound us, surround us, be all around us. They seem to be taking over the world, these sly shapeless little things, I tell you. And everybody seems to be awed by it's lumpish existence as well. No kidding,The vegetable market needs democracy.

Alright yeah looks aren’t everything.
Not only is it a repulsive brown that refuses to ripen, on top of that it’s bland. Plain. Simple. Insipid. Blank.
Also, It’s full of fat that makes you fat.

Okay okay, if you like aloos, I wish you all the aloos in the world, I wish you have so many of them that there is a global shortage, I wish it rains aloos wherever you are. I wish they fill your garden and all that you won’t sell, I wish you aloo water, I wish you aloo gel.

Like I said, you silly potato, I really mean you well.

Ps. I wish you my share as well. :)
Pps. I’ll take something else in return, though.
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