Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lest I forget..

A day to remember:

  • Free from office at 6:20 PM (earliest ever!)
  • Very little work
  • Stuck in traffic for over an hour in the most awesome weather ever

The Millenium City has finally been blessed. Allow me to share this with you - There is a slight drizzle in the air here, and I say 'in the air' because as I look out the window, soft droplets are melting quietly along my cheeks - like smiles masquerading as tears.. (isn't that a first?).
A few others though, are actually smiling back at me.. as they glide gleefully on the window-glass of my cab.. like polished ballet dancers on an ice stage - obliviously elegant in their moves, yet fully aware of my poring eyes marveling unbashedly at their style.
Wait a minute, they're in tune with FM's "Naa Chode Yaariyan..."

The breeze is sneaking playfully through my jacket too - its warm enough to keep me smiling, yet chilly enough to redden my cheeks. 

*chuckles to self*

Did I tell you I'm stuck in traffic?

Saturday, November 24, 2012


I huffed around in frenzy
I had just been shown the bone
Now I must pounce at just-right time
And then he'd be, all mine to own

Was there time to smile some bit?
I had just been shown the bone
Or should I plan the next move
His entry to my zone.  

I really thought I'd grab it, for
I had just been shown the bone
I believed that God would favor me
I'd been true you know, my own 

They call it over-confidence or perhaps,
some random crazy dreams
I jumped and lunged to grab it, but
fell flat on my knees

A cracked up bone and ugly scars
Did finally clear the fog
Life's a bitch and that's that
Bleh, I'm such a dog.

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