Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A wonderful summer at Mylan!

It took me a while to get myself to write, but here's my authentic thank you for an amazing summer. I enjoyed every bit of it. Cheers to a good summer internship, an awesome team, and overall, a great learning experience. 

Dedicated to the North America Strategy Team, Mylan: Jeff May, James Wu, Alejandro Sola, Doug Donaldson, Andy Fang, Chris Hartley, Heather Martin, Andrew Maston, Dan Spice, Greg Schaap and my fellow intern, Alice Toy :)

And I thought... "Yay, Week 1"
A wonderful summer has just begun
Let's knock down this case study's core,
And soon we'll get to Phase II and more!

And I thought... "Alright Week 3"
Now we're thinking and this is fun,
Weaving a story and telling it through,
Wasn't something that I had done

And I thought... "Welcome Week 5"
Phase I is now almost done
Just gotta make this slide look nice,
Lets add sugar, we've got spice!*

And I thought.. the weeks flew by,
The last few slides did come undone
With frameworks, trail-runs, beer and NALT**
My days at Mylan were coming to a halt

And I thought.. I owe you one,
For all the good times,
and all the good thought,
'cz turn up we may, but turn down for what. 

* pun intended
** North America Leadership Team Conference
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