Monday, August 24, 2009

Thoughts for today :)

" There is no true obedience, unless there's freedom of disobedience."
" If you want to win it, there is no speed limit.
A.C.C.E.L.E.R.A.T.E "

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Not So Nice!

If there ever was a multi-dimensional, dubiously overused and notoriously meaningless word in this world, it certainly would be 'nice'.

Talk about multi faceted implications.. everything, from Da Vinci code to Picasso to the doodling at the back of my copy is nice.. Everything from smoking, to oversleeping to a PJ (poor joke for the not so nicely enlightened) is not nice.

So what really is not so nice about nice?

Just the fact that its vaguely not so nice nature of being is so nicely accepted, even unquestioningly authorized to adorn every good bad or ugly name place animal or thing. Its nice-ness is flamboyantly ubiquitous and not-so-nice-ness thoughtlessly imprudent.
What is so innately nice about this N dude?
Four lettered existence.. ? Well, that's questionable. Besides other four lettered words beat it hollow (specific genre only).
Niavety (Another N dude!) ?
Just that its so vaguely meaningless that it can serve as a saving grace when descripitive expatiations are either not desired or not available. So, your know- it-all aura scrapes through the axe of the abstruse.
And that too unhurt.

I speak on behalf of the millions of other descriptive words that lie incarcerated in dormancy- waiting to be spelled, written, used. How jealous must they be, when the their apparently flashy adornments fall flat in the face, dim down into mere oblivion as their austere but absurdly popular adversary hogs the limelight.

Is that nice?
Not at all, they deserve full freedom of expression or atleast a minority quota in all forms of spoken and written expatiation.
A mere inclusion in the lexicon is certainly not nice.

I rest my case.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The farce

Real people you know
Are really very scarce
And whatever happens remember
Friendship is a farce

They all say they're there
They all say, but dare
look beyond that smile,
see the practised guile?

And its not just that
There's a lot more
A lot more than the fun
or the things you think, you've done

You came in alone
And that's how you go
The sooner you accept it
the lesser you're low

Listen to you
'cause thats who matters
Your life is yours
And time in tatters

Real people you know
Are really very scarce
And whatever happens remember
Friendship is a farce

Little Things

Little things that wake me up,
Little things that make me say,
Little things that drive me nuts,
Little things that make my day

Little enough to be ignored
Little enough-could be inured
Little enough to be so little, enough
of little things ; are way too rough

A little thing and so much sore
These little things, so much uproar
A little thing -so much in store
Its these little things that,
show me the door

It's weird how a little thing
Could serve as venom-tit for tat
It's weird how much I can see
With just a little thing as that.
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