Saturday, July 24, 2010

Del And More

I have to post. It’s just been too long.

We all look the same. We don’t end. People rush all over us, above us, below us, on top of us.. hang from the sides.. squeeze in the middle.. add at both ends.. and still manage to spill over. Who are we?
Meet the Flyovers!

If they create another of these never-ending, landmark-less, crazy concrete structures, they might as well create sun-spots as well. Those little green areas where people can come see the sky.
Mana tum Flyovers ho, uska yeh matlab nahi hawa mein udo.
>> Auto bhaiya, aap itne arrogant kyun ho?
‘126 HCL, kitna lenge?'
‘80 rupaiye’
‘Main roz pachaas mein jaati hoon bhaiya, chalna hai toh bo-‘
‘Arre madam aap ko pata nahi hai.. petrol ke rate bhad gaye hain.’
‘Bhaiya auto toh CNG par chalte hain.’
Auto goes. I stand.
Auto standing nearby : 'bhaiya 126, HCL..’
‘Nahi jaana.’
HUH! Talk about delhi attitude!

Excepting Rajiv Chowk at 9:15 AM, you’re awesome. Really. And I like your AC too.
Metro ji, tussi great ho!
Just a little query… Why do people start running from one metro to another? The first time it happened I thought there was a fire! It’s not that far away. I brisk walk will do just fine you know.

> > Alooo, mujhe maaf kar do
Dearest Aloo,
I’m terribly sorry. I misunderstood you. You’re the best. You make food edible, Delhi affordable, and life livable. Can’t do without you, I swear!
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