I, Me, Myself.

Random, Crazy and simply put: Complicated.

I write about the musings and antics of a 20-something small town girl, her tryst with highways and speedy sights, potholes and bumpy rides - in short, the journey called life.

I am an MBA student at the Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University and write about my b-school exploits under the header 'Salt and Tepper'.

Enjoy coffee, conversation and curiosity - preferably all rich.

Welcome to Untitled! 


  1. Lovely.......

    All the best and stay blessed!!

    Sandhya Aneja

  2. Thank you SO much Sandhya, appreciate your note :)

  3. Hi Amita,

    I read through a fe postings and found them really nice.

    Going through them and on seeing you I sort of connected you to an Amita I knew a few years back.

    I don't know you look eerily similar to her. Did you by any chance work @ a company called Evalueserve a few years back.

    Either ways ... good write up gurl.


  4. Hi Prateek,

    Thanks for your thoughts, good to know that you enjoyed my write-ups. No I haven't worked at Evalueserve, but excited to meet my namesake and look-alike!

    Thanks for stopping by at Untitled, look forward to your visits and feedback.

    Amita :)

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