Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mother's Day Ma!

Three little difficult daughters old,
And you're still going strong
I'd think you have some special skills
For you made it all along

Three different shades of crazy
Three different worlds to tame
Each one wanted 'meri muh'*
And worse, we looked the same!

We want to thank you Mama,
For the terrible pees and poos,
and screams and shouts and tantrums,
We were tough, stubborn, obtuse

We applaud you Mama, for still
Lookin' thro' a rose colored lens,
For letting us explore all possible options
to maybe upgrade your dressing sense

And though you'd think I'm quite confused
About what I'd like to do
A journo, aimless MBA, and maybe PhD too
The truth for sure is Mama, I'd like to be just like you.

* Nah, that's a secret.
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