Monday, October 20, 2008

If you can iMAGine it, you can do it! :)

When change beckons
For me to see
And the haze clears
Without much decree
I just iMAGine
And it sets me free

Then dreams whisper
and ideas ignite
I see a new journey
An unexpected flight
I still iMAGine
But now I see light

And the day will come
When I’ll have the key
When I really do realize, that
The MAGic was always me,
I will then iMAGine
And that’s when I’ll BE!

It doesn’t really take much
Just the courage will do
You just gotta iMAGine
And orange could be blue!

So give another thought,
spare the other view
Cast your spell now, remember
The MAGic is always you! :)

Random Ramblings! :)

I sit n wonder what to write
Just don't have much to do
So I watch the shadows morph along
As they hop out of my sight

The clock bites the silent night
The winds pierce it through n through
Leaves whisper n giggle in delight
I sit n wonder what to write

Twigs twitter to a distant leaf
Now so frail n brown
It staggers on, with all its might
I sit n wonder what to write

They just watch in passive silence
It crumbles at their feet
Crushed and now killed en-flight
I sit n wonder what to write

The moon is sinking, faster now
Shadows waving too
And as they weep this creepy night
I sit n wonder what to write

I sit n wonder what to write
The light then cracks through
And all i see are tiny tears
Now called morning dew.
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