Saturday, May 30, 2015

Downing my Drafts

So my blog's been dry all this while because I've been furiously typing in my drafts - it's weird that one or more random reasons always kept me one step short of publishing posts. Sometimes I felt the content was too patchy, sometimes I was plain lazy to spell-check, but mostly I just hesitated because there was so much going on.

But now that I've graduated, I'm planning to publish a few posts (with context) that explain what crazy past two years have been like - from clinks to clashes, from cheers to ashes - because Pittsburgh ensured that I experience all seasons.

Anyway, about the next few posts:

Some is spotty poetry
Some is delicate prose
Some is soaring anger
Some is cheeky sows

Many thoughts disjointed,
not even fully mounted
Some wild, some unsure
And somewhat immature

But the one thing that
brings them together and apart,
is the moment they fired
straight from my heart.

Daring to share, hope you like it!


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