Saturday, August 22, 2009

Not So Nice!

If there ever was a multi-dimensional, dubiously overused and notoriously meaningless word in this world, it certainly would be 'nice'.

Talk about multi faceted implications.. everything, from Da Vinci code to Picasso to the doodling at the back of my copy is nice.. Everything from smoking, to oversleeping to a PJ (poor joke for the not so nicely enlightened) is not nice.

So what really is not so nice about nice?

Just the fact that its vaguely not so nice nature of being is so nicely accepted, even unquestioningly authorized to adorn every good bad or ugly name place animal or thing. Its nice-ness is flamboyantly ubiquitous and not-so-nice-ness thoughtlessly imprudent.
What is so innately nice about this N dude?
Four lettered existence.. ? Well, that's questionable. Besides other four lettered words beat it hollow (specific genre only).
Niavety (Another N dude!) ?
Just that its so vaguely meaningless that it can serve as a saving grace when descripitive expatiations are either not desired or not available. So, your know- it-all aura scrapes through the axe of the abstruse.
And that too unhurt.

I speak on behalf of the millions of other descriptive words that lie incarcerated in dormancy- waiting to be spelled, written, used. How jealous must they be, when the their apparently flashy adornments fall flat in the face, dim down into mere oblivion as their austere but absurdly popular adversary hogs the limelight.

Is that nice?
Not at all, they deserve full freedom of expression or atleast a minority quota in all forms of spoken and written expatiation.
A mere inclusion in the lexicon is certainly not nice.

I rest my case.


  1. hmmm... what can I say... it's quite nice :) ;)

  2. mujhe pata tha.. tu yehi comment karegi! :P

  3. pretty much !! i have the same views about the word "rock"....these days everything is labelled as it be rajma chawal or sector 15 ki market....i saw a comment on one of my friend's pic who happened to be interning in a hospital..."nice shot...and the hospital is rocking " so you see...a place with people sporting broken bones is also rocking.

  4. Hehehe.. Yeah, 'rock' is another weird one.
    Nice and rock together though, are really the limit! :P


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