Saturday, November 24, 2012


I huffed around in frenzy
I had just been shown the bone
Now I must pounce at just-right time
And then he'd be, all mine to own

Was there time to smile some bit?
I had just been shown the bone
Or should I plan the next move
His entry to my zone.  

I really thought I'd grab it, for
I had just been shown the bone
I believed that God would favor me
I'd been true you know, my own 

They call it over-confidence or perhaps,
some random crazy dreams
I jumped and lunged to grab it, but
fell flat on my knees

A cracked up bone and ugly scars
Did finally clear the fog
Life's a bitch and that's that
Bleh, I'm such a dog.


  1. nicely written.. expressing the naive nature of the animal

  2. Life's a bitch. But the solution is perhaps not to see oneself as a dog, but as a dog-trainer.

  3. it ws gud...ur photo next to it was even more awesm...

  4. Thank you all, glad you like it.

  5. Thanks, its based on recent disappointment, though!

    Thanks for stopping by at Untitled - Hope you liked it.


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