Saturday, September 12, 2009


I'm hurt and yet I'm happy
Is this something to tell?
I know how this feels, just
don't know when it'll quell.

Like tides blowing me over
Times are getting crazy
Or were they always like that
My vision was just too hazy.

That's really not a problem
Tears will mix with rain
I know what this is like
Ah, the pleasures in pain.

There's more to life than life; per se
And God is telling me how
I'm happy that I'm learning
Just sad that it's right now.

The best things are the ones that
may, taste really bitter
For sweet may not be happy
Just like fat may not be fitter.

So it's really not like it seems
The truth that lies can buy,
And if you read this through,
Just don't ask me how or why.


  1. Wow.... I'm impressed...
    Let's put it this way ... Writers are like wine... They mature with time.... Years on a writer show in quality ... Not in wrinkles.... Just where u r headed :)

    let's strike a deal... I'll open a publishing house and yours will be the first book I get to the stands ....

    Not because u r my sister.... Because I just see a market here...

    I know what u r thinking....We can discuss royalties on call tomorrow.....

  2. It's a deal!! :D
    Wooooooooooohooooooooooo!! :PP


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