Tuesday, December 22, 2009


"If I were two-faced, would I be wearing this one?"
- Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)

Well, I don't know your options Mr. Lincoln.
“It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”


  1. Abey Behan.... Pange lene her haun to kissi chhotti motti cheez se leti... Seedha Lincoln pe vaar...

  2. I entered this comment page only to find that my viewpoint has already made its way here in the previous comment..haha

    seedhe Lincoln pe vaar ??

    haaan haan...meri turn ab....

    A.U.D.A.C.I.T.Y ehh ?

  3. ROTFL.

    Like seriously, when I read the first comment.. I was going to mention the 'A-Factor' (nahiiinn.. main uska naam nahi le sakti!! :P)

    But then I read on and realized its all pervasive.


  4. ok...pervasive...A.U.D.A.C.I.T.Y entering the pop culture now..i see.. :P

  5. Word of the Year 2009 for sure! :)


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