Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Varneet!

Okay,Just like every birthday, I have to tell you..
I'm not the Gifts- and- Flowers, OMG-"It's your Birthdaaaaaayyy--Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa" (Get the drift, right?) type! Nor can I be comfortably nice for a long time!
So here goes:

You hung around for four years
And then I came along
Kicked you with those big red boots
But you still sang my song.

I wailed like a wimp for years
together, and then you came along
Scared me with burly big eyes
but you still sang my song.

You always had 'the' reputation
And then I came along
Smashed to pieces whatever was left
After I rang my 'bong'.

I've always been the queen of antics
did the most 'uncool' things
As much as you tried to save the day
You still, took me in your wings.

I've been the root of major bloopers
I've been the problem kid
Though I always knew you'd pull me out
No matter what you did

And of course I always 'did my thing'
With hurdles crazily new
But I wasn't worried the least bit
For all I had to do, was,
Sit around, make a stupid face
And then look up* at you.

* Added only for correct literary effect, Shortie.

CONCLUSION: Look at you, weirdo. The quintessential Vadde Bhenji, HAHAHA! :P
Happy Birthday!
Come back, I'm telling you.. America is all bloody Moh-Maaya!

Happy Birthday again! :)


  1. wow ! its the first time..i feel like saying it to you meeet.. "You're Bloody-Good At It.. "

    Loved it ! :D :* ;)

  2. Wow...Im reallllly touched...
    this is my best buddae gift ever....
    I love it... thank you !!

    ur tooo good at this...
    Im telling you... I'll open a publishing house exclusively for you !!

  3. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy!! :)

  4. Hi Amita.....this was really great! :)


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