Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Love, Actually: My entry for the Get Published Contest

Love, Actually is a tale of two hearts, young at heart and free in spirit. The two protagonists of the story are the school-going-kids-next-door. Watch them grapple with issues of love and friendship, love versus friendship and much more.. They will sway you with their intensity and tickle you with their innocence. Will he or won’t she? Will love keep up? Read on to know more.


Snuggling cozily in her quilt, she stealthily inched out two fingers from under the covers - just enough to reach the alarm as it continued to get louder, cross new decibel limits with every oncoming chorus. Darn, where does this goddamn thing get turned off?

Then she remembered, it was 1st of October. Haha, she chuckled at the rather cocky choice of alarm tone - smiled slowly and drifted back into the warmth of her quilt and the convenience of her dreams.

She loved dreams.

She dreamt of Paris, the ever higher Eiffel Tower, of love haven and unfettered freedom, of the misty haze and the snowy Alps..her reddish cheeks in the winter chill, her picky nose in the piercing winds..

She also dreamt of Harvard Law and corporate cases, of heady success and a great career.. and all the good things that money could and couldn’t buy.

And then, she dreamt of love.. His genuine smile and scruffy stubble, his soft whispers and sturdy arms.. wrapped loosely on her waist. Oh, why wouldn’t he say it, should she? Doesn’t he know he’s awesome?

“Urrgghhh, snooze will go to hell for sure”, she murmured as the rubbed her eyes into the ticklish sunlight. Wait a minute, sunlight?

She jumped out of bed with the determined ferocity of a starving lion, hurling abuses at the clock, her stupid best friend and well, all things that did or did not come in her way as she hankered for clothes, shoes and what not – frenzied, prancing and obviously late for school.

“And you know, her hair smells sooo good”, he smiled, sheepish, almost guilty at his revelation.

“So have you asked her out?”

“Noooo, not yet. She’s my best friend and you know how girls are, right? I think she just sees me as a friend and I would just spoil our friendship too.”

“But don’t you like her?”

“I do, I can take her no, but I can’t stop talking to her. Crap, why does she have to be so perfect.. How do I tell her.. this is just so crazy. We talk about everything but this – and I’ve practiced it about a 100 times, just can’t get myself to say it”, he mumbled, his incoherent thoughts rambling randomly out of his rather troubled mind.

As they entered the classroom and took their chairs, he quickly ‘reserved’ the seat on his right, smiling helplessly to himself. She’d be late and he loved that.


This is my entry for the HarperCollins-IndiBlogger Get Published Contest, which is run with inputs fromYashodhara Lal and HarperCollins India.

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  1. Thats a cute one.. Nice .. I like it

  2. Its really nice..Wish you luck!! I once wrote a TM speech on similar lines..wld send you sometime if I'm able to locate it..

    1. Thank you so much :)

      Yep, do send it, I'm lagging waaaay behind on speeches too. I need the inspiration.

    And I think now my question stands valid- who's 'HE'? here, HE cannot be IT..hope you remember what I'm talking about !:D

  4. Hehehe, yes I remember :p

    "All characters in the story are purely non-fictitious but draw inspiration from the writer's observations/personal notes on love (and other disasters!;p). Any resemblance to an person(living or dead), place or thing, is...

    ...the BEST COMPLIMENT EVER!! Thank you for passing it on!"

    PS. I love when I can call myself a 'writer' :)

  5. Hi Amita,

    My first time to your blog and this looks like a cute and sweet love story. teenage romance is full of dreams, aspirations and bad notions as well. It seems you're associated with the law sector. :)

    I would love to read this story in paperback. :) :) :)

    My vote goes to you, wish you luck :):):)

    P.S. Do check out & vote for my entry for Get Published.


    My Entry to Indiblogger Get Published

    1. Thanks for your note - its very encouraging :)

      Your's looks like an electrifying love story as well - 'amp'lifing love and all its nuances :)

      A big congratulations on the shortlist. Would love to see your masterpiece unfold!

  6. Reserving the chair, reminds o f the good old college days!

    Voted for you. Please read mine and see if it rings a bell in your head and kindly vote.

    1. Thanks Rinzu, happy to know you like it!
      I had read your post earlier and voted for it then too! Its a very real idea.

      PS. Just noticed, Congratulations on the shortlist :)


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