Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Last Day at ZS!

This is a small poem which I dedicated to my workplace, ZS Associates, New Delhi on my last day of work. 
Most of the jokes here are ZS internal, but I can provide a little context (starred) as we go along. 2.5 exciting years of my life have been spent here and ZS has been my first impression for a lot of corporate jargons, management techniques and consulting jingles, if you know what I mean. (Makes sense, ahan!) 

Just to offset the fact that I have cribbed in discomfort, revolted in anger, fought in frustration, cried in helplessness over ZS and its experiences, I would like to add that I have also met AWESOME people, made friends for life, gained faith in my abilities and overall had one helluva experience! And as I set out to newer, crazier experiences, I will really miss my partners in crime :)

And I thought they’ll never go
Those starry ZS days
The grand entries in client calls
Accents, deliverables, delays

And I thought I’ll never miss,
That sudden adhoc request*
That rep on leave, the DM’s pet-peeve**
Why normal distribution works best 

And I thought - it is the end
But I still got partners in crime
For excellence is really getting it right
First time, every time.***

* Sudden, panic analysis which generally comes with a strict deadline
** Project specific, IC joke
*** Connotes fresh wave of formalized process excellence at ZS, where all efforts must be got right, first time and every time

Team 0101 NY2922: You'll be missed!
Clockwise from left: Siddharth, Umesh, Buddhi, Prateek, Me, Kunal, Vinay, Deepam, Shivam, Anurag, Chanpreet, Vinay, Nitisha, Anand, Anu, Deeksha
Not in the picture: Ankur, Rajiv, Praveen, Vaibhav, Mayuri, Amit, Karishma, Tania
We missed you Manoj!

L-R: Sonali, Me, Swati, Saloni

Team 0793 PH 2767: (L-R) Sonali, Me, Rohit, Saloni, Ankit, Nitin
PS. We missed you Chan-dan!

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