Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Dear Bitchy Girl,

Please get out of my life. I don't know why I have to see you again and again. Face it, as much as you try, you're not even nice to look at, you know.

Don't you get it? Nah, I don't blame you entirely. We do have a common connection.. Him. He makes me meet you.. Over and Over again. I can't make out if He hates me, or loves you or loves that I hate you. Either way, He does make me hate you. All over again. Each time I feel like that was it.. there has to be a limit to your bitchiness. But apparently, you love challenges. That's a good thing. And you prove me wrong. That's not a good thing.

You don't have a limit. Or if you do, it certainly is beyond the current limits of my limited comprehension.

A lot of times, you have known what you have done. You have been responsible. Yet, you have staged the innocent girl. Pretence is your forte alright. Until I play your silly game, that is. Yes, everybody loves you. You can lap up the limelight.
But don't pretend with me. I'm the victim. And a devilish one at that.
I don't want to be you.
I choose not to be you.
I despise your facade.

In fact I think you’re like a wax doll.. the one that squirms to an undefined blob when temperatures rise beyond melting point. (Yeah, pun intended.)
On second thought, you’ll be the best museum artifact ever. No really, you will. (No, this isn’t even a pun.)
In other words, I'm sick of your shit. It’s yours after all. You keep it. The stench is enough to nauseate me anyway.
I was hoping we weren't meant to BE. But then, you proved me wrong. Yet again.

Till we meet again my louve,
Amita :)

PS. I am angry. And confused. And sad. I hate it when people don’t realize that they are not behaving right. They should behave themselves. They better behave themselves. There has to be a limit.

It’s hard. I don’t want to be the bitch.. but I feel like I am emulating some characteristics. Yeah it’s true, I don’t want to, I choose not to be like them. But I have to draw the line. Because they never will.. they’ll keep pretending .. keep pushing.. keep testing my patience and keep sucking my blood like dehydrated leeches.. till I finally rip them off my skin.
And even then, I get all the scars. Plus, I’m anaemic.

Deal with it.


  1. The notification to the BITCHY girl: 4 paras.

    The nastiness served:Priceless !!

    This piece is one of the things none of the Master Cards can buy.

    PS: Err.. I don't know if this is a real hate anthem intended for someone or supposed to be taken lightly as I did.

  2. Hahahah!
    Thank you :)

    Meant to be taken lightly! Not intended to hurt/endorse personal views. :P
    Though my inspiration for the article is alive and kicking.. Quite literally :P

  3. hey bhagwaan..
    inna gussa... chill behan... :P

    Nice flow of words though.... I guess 'andar, dil ki gehrai' se aaya hai... hahahhahahaaa :P

  4. Haan yaar.. abhi ganda ganda lag raha hai.. aise nahi lihna chahiye tha na..
    but vaise toh mazaak mein hi likha tha.. chal jo bhi!

  5. You know what Amita.. I could actually relate to this post! And trust me, some people are like that and will never change.. and if you do the same thing to them once (that they repeatedly do all the time), they'll throw a tantrum and stop talking and cry out in front of the entire world! Oh man, i know how it feels!

  6. I knoowwww! You hit the nail on the head.

    PS. I love it when people actually relate to what I write! :) YAY!


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